About HF Chlor-Alkali

Chlorine and Caustic Soda are two products used directly, or indirectly, in every manufacturing industry: oil and gas, textiles, steel, plastics, food and water treatment.

The HF Chlor-Alkali Advantage

Location, Location, Location

HF Chlor-Alkali, a midwest distributor and producer, has production plant in Iowa and its surrounding states, and is expanding its world-class manufacturing facilities across the Heartland.


Our customers can count on a reliable, convenient supply no matter the location, and our systems have multi-redundant features to ensure reduced downtimes.

Excellent supply chain and logistics

HF Chlor-Alkali’s terminals and production locations offer flexible shipping and transportation options, and offer extensive technical service and support.

About Harris and Ford

Tim Harris and Joe Ford are well respected for the vision, integrity and proficiency they bring to the chemical industry.

HF CHLOR-ALKALI, LLC (HFC) is an affiliate of HARRIS & FORD, LLC. The company began construction of the Chlor-Alkali production facility on August 22, 2013.The plant is based in Eddyville, IA, and has terminals around the US to ship caustic soda, HCl and bleach, via truck and rail.

HF Chlor-Alkali not only meets rigid international standards for quality production methods, but has also been validated by GFSI. HFC is proud to be the first minority-owned Chlor-Alkali plant in the US.

HFC’s goal is to provide the highest quality product in the industry, and the company has invested in state of the art technologies and systems. For more information about Harris and Ford, the chemical distribution company, please visit http://www.harrisandford.com/.